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As one of the only counter-depth refrigerators available for less than $2,000, this model might have you tempted, but its performance was too weak for us to recommend it.

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The three repeated various phases of training, to include being given a day one start-over, and progressed to the Mountains of Northern Georgia. But whereas Griest and Haver proceeded into the final phase in Florida, and graduated in August, Jaster recycled Mountain Phase and Swamp Phase, until she graduated Friday with her fifth group of Ranger School classmates.

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character, Blair Waldorf, is often labeled a bitch, Leighton Meester says she relates to Blair.

During the hour-long interview scheduled to air Friday at 9 p.m., NBC News national correspondent Kate Snow will talk to the women ― including former model Beverly Johnson and former Hollywood exec Cindra Ladd ― about their allegations and about the pushback from Cosby’s legal team. Snow will also speak to lawyer Gloria Allred, who is fighting on behalf of many of Cosby’s alleged victims.

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